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Introduction to AIM WORLD

Manufacturing of Antibiotic, Antiviral and Antibacterial Medicine is a Multi-Billion Industry.

Close contact with sick people causes the spread of communicable diseases to family, workmates and the public.

WHY SPEND MONEY on Medicine for Viral, Bacterial Sicknesses?

WHY SPEND MORE For Hospitalization and Severe Cases of Infection?

WHY SPEND MORE to correct Harmful Effects of Synthetic Drugs to Body’s Tissues and Organs?

when you can SPEND LESS with Preventive Intervention!


iPRO-TECT 24/7 (Flagship Product)

When worn, it creates a green zone by emitting invisible fumes within 1-2 meter range. (Read more about this product…)

CareLeaf – Thermal Relief Patch
1.5 Billion People Wake Up with Aches and Pain. Here’s an All Natural, Non-Addictive, Breakthrough Product, No Side-Effects (Read more about this product…)

A revolutionary product that safe guards your home from viruses and bacteria.(Read more about this product…)

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