When you join AIM, you will have lifetime discounts on all of our products
Are you a coffee drinker? Do you take vitamins? Do you use anti-aging and skin whitening products? Let’s get more serious. Do you brush your teeth? Do you use soap when you take a bath? Really? Everyday?
In the many years of using your regular brand, have you ever received a discount in any of the stores or supermarkets you shop into? Were you ever given a lifetime discount by Brand X for being a loyal customer to them?
More often than not, the answer to these questions is a big NO.
But with AIM, upon registering you automatically get lifetime discounts from 25% to 50% discounts on all products.
AIM Global Products Lifetime Discount
Now since you have big discount as a user, you can also turn around and start earning profit as a retailer. A lot of people have benefited from the efficacy of our products that is why it is not hard to share it to your friends and family members, plus, the fact that we all use these products everyday makes it even more fun and easy to share. It is just like asking your friends to shift brands to something better, more effective and safer to use.
If you also look ahead, we are expanding and every year, and as we continue to grow, the Board of Directors will be adding more product lines and services.
So if you have more products to use, you’ll have more discounts to enjoy, and the end result is you will have a bigger profit to earn.

When you join AIM, you now have a chance to have an International Business

Almost everybody knows somebody working abroad, but it is very rare to know someone who has a business abroad.
Why is that?
The thought of having a business here in the Philippines already seems to be very hard, how much more do you think it would be to start one abroad? Most of us would say it’s impossible.
But with AIM, it’s possible. The moment you buy your Global package you now have a chance to be an international entrepreneur. You can expand your network in other countries. The choice is yours, the whole world is your market. In fact, even if you don’t want to expand abroad, because of the system of networking, one day your group could expand around the world.
Your partners can come from the hot desert countries of the Gulf Region like Dubai, Kuwait or soon to open Saudi Arabia. You can have downlines from neighboring Asian countries like Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan etc.
Don’t be shocked if one day you will find foreign names in your DTC (Data Tracking Center). That is because foreigners from other countries have been attracted to the Company’s Marketing Plan and Products. It is happening now, we have Distributors who lives in the Philippines but their group is outside the country. They are in the Philippines but they make money abroad. Amazing isn’t it?
That is why if a prospect or a downline tells you that they can’t sponsor anyone in their place because everybody in their street or barrio are all negative with Networking, just tell them not to worry. We are not named AIM Pasay or AIM Davao, where not even named AIM Visayas or AIM Philippines.
We are AIM Global.

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