John C. Maxwell: 5 Reasons Why Dreams Don’t Take Flight

Recognize the things that trap our dreams—and overcome them.

A lot of us never see our dreams come true. Instead of soaring through the clouds, our dreams languish like a broken-down airplane confined to its hangar.
Through life, I have come to identify five common reasons why dreams don’t take flight:
1. We have been discouraged from dreaming by others.
We have to pilot our own dreams; we cannot entrust them to anyone else. People who aren’t following their own dreams resent us pursuing ours. Such people feel inadequate when we succeed, so they try to drag us down.                                                                   

Can Network Marketing be done part time?

This is a common question for beginners and prospects and the answer to that question is YES, it can be done part time or full time. It really depends on you. One of the magic of network marketing is that it gives you a chance to build your business without ever jeopardizing your current source of income.

If you were to put up a traditional business like “sar-sari” store, do you think you would still be able to keep your 8 hour job? You will be forced to choose which source of income to keep right?