Dream It, Become It: 10 Lifehacks To Become A Millennial Millionaire

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So you are young, ambitious, confident and you want to be a millionaire?
Or maybe, you’re ready to take things up a notch and finally start that business you’ve been dreaming of.

However, you are afraid of the financial risks and you’re not sure you want to give up the perks of a salary and benefits.

The biggest question you may be asking yourself is: What are you willing to give up to create the life and business you want?



          There is no minimum age required for starting to built one’s wealth. You can be 14 and below or 40 and above, or in between. Advance three steps if your family presently owns a business; one step back if nanay and tatay don’t. Skip the game altogether if you refuse wealth of any kind in your belief that “blessed are the poor in spirit”.

          “A college degree gives you credibility, pero hindi siya prerequisite (to having a successful business)”. Says entrepreneur and business coach Berna Moldez. “ang tinuro kasi sa atin is go to a good school, get good grades, then get a good job. Theres nothing wrong with that, pero kung mapapansin mo, yung mga wealthy sa US – dropout sa college.” So diploma holders advance three steps. Dropouts and undergrads get to advance seven steps!

          Billionaires Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Larry Ellison, and Michael Dell, all didn’t finish school.

How Important Is Mind Setting

Most Filipinos were not risk taker and you can prove it by yourself. You can see it in your neighbors, offices, schools and even in the malls were the places where you can prove it. No wonder why there were few Filipinos are improving there lives. All of us, including me (Before) were depending on our daily jobs, and once our health gives up no cash flow in our hands.

Are you not wondering why this bad thing always happened everyday? The lack of personal goal and zeal to improve our life is the answer. Now how are we going to deal about it? Being afraid to grab every opportunity that will pass our way is no way to make our life better. Why I am telling this? My point is we must treat every opportunity that comes our way and try to deal with it.

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